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As I sit to write this, the rain is pouring outside, I have thick socks on, warm tea and all of a sudden it feels like we are on the cusp of change. We are on the move towards the beautiful season of Autumn and with it comes the need for personal change to maintain internal balance.

Vata dosha is dominant as we move through Autumn. Made up of the elements Air and Ether and responsible for all movement in the body. The characteristics of Vata dosha are dry, light, rough, cold, brittle, mobile and spacey. Therefore, it is integral that we keep ourselves warm, lubricated and grounded to remain balanced during this time.

Below are 5 tips to integrate into your everyday routine this Autumn:

1. Prepare a cinnamon and ginger water for the week in preparation for the cooler temperatures and to keep your agni (digestive fire) stoked. I like to fill a to-go cup with half of the prepared mixture and half with warm water, sometimes with a teaspoon of honey. I drink this dur… Read More

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