anusara yogaWith a ten-year record as an institution, Anusara yoga was founded by John Friend in 1997 and also it has actually been part of the Hatha yoga design since though it shares ramifications in Tantra yoga as well. Anusara yoga showed up in the Western world as a method of highlighting the general global principles that have controlled all yoga techniques for thousands of years. By combining Iyengar yoga with Hindu spirituality, Friend felt that he had created a more health orientated type of yoga.

It is based on the philosophy that life is a gift that we are invited to remember and celebrate in our yoga practice. Anusara means “flowing with grace,” “going with the flow,” “following your heart.

In Anusara yoga, we’ll discover all the asanas as well as the meditations specific to Hatha yoga, with an excellent emphasis on how to attain bliss and pleasure in your day to day existence. Enjoying every minute in its individuality is part of the ideology advertised by colleges of Anusara yoga.

Without being dogmatic in any way, Anusara yoga, attracts people by its positive spiritual method that brings about the appearance of a feeling of solidarity and belonging not only to a community, but to humanity, in general, in an extremely unique method. With Anusara yoga, the expert finds out that after we have conquered so much of the external world, there is one unimaginably rich wonderland that has remained undiscovered, and only partly explored: the internal frontier. Like numerous other spiritual methods, Anusara yoga brings self-awareness and also the delight of the finding the treasures within yourself.


anusara yoga posesAmongst the usual regulating principles of Anusara yoga, we have to discuss the initiative to open up to the intention and also the love of the ultimate Universal Being that has developed us and also the whole world. Anusara yoga experts specify this attempt as the opening to Grace or the positioning. Then, positions enable the concentration of the energised flow from the outer body locations to a focal point normally identified around the heart. Every body movement has its spiritual equivalent as it activates a certain kind of power winding up and improving self-confidence. The energy then emanates in the direction of the organs, maximizing their functions and making certain that you will have wonderful health.

Purity of mind, spiritual power and an excellent health condition: these are the assurances of Anusara yoga. All you should do is focus your practice, learn and also enjoy the meditations and use the concepts of health in all aspects of your life. However, it helps to keep in mind that, when you practise anusara yoga for beginners, it is vital not to do so on your own. The existence of a master, teacher or guru is an absolute must to direct one on the spiritual course of spiritual achievement: yoga is not a method to be ignored, as it is quite complex to understand.

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