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Jul 13, 2018

What Are Your Daily Self-Love Rituals?

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There are so many ways to honour ourselves, physically, mentally and emotionally, as we navigate our way through daily life. There are habits that we already do, automatically, that fill us up and fuel our endeavours. Are you aware of what yours are?

Are you aware of that big breath out when you take the first sip of your favourite tea in your favourite mug or that moment of contentment when you finish “THAT” task – or that sense of surrender when you slip inside your fresh bed sheets.

There are many moments in our day that knowingly or unknowingly are our practice of self-love. It is the way we stay balanced.

Make A List: 
If you feel depleted at this time I encourage you to write a list of things that fill you up in your day (this is your self-love column) and a list of the ways you give your energy out (this is your warrior column). If the lists are hugely out of balance then you can start to integrate more where needed (I’m guessing it wil… Read More

Jul 12, 2018

6 Artful Things to Try If You’re Struggling with Yoga Burnout

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After you’ve been practicing yoga for some time, you start to find favorite poses and sequences that make you feel good and come back to them time and time again. While there’s nothing wrong with picking favorites, repeating the same poses each practice might start to feel dull and monotonous, and land you in a rut: the dreaded yoga burnout. If you are a yoga teacher or have a home …

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Jul 11, 2018

July Giveaway: Bhakti Fest

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We’ve teamed up with our friends at Bhakti Fest for our July giveaway sweepstakes prize. Until the end of this month, YogaBasics readers can have a chance to win a full festival pass to Bhakti Fest ’18! About Bhakti Fest: Bhakti Fest, a yoga and sacred music festival, is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year with a special appearance by Deepak Chopra. Dr. Chopra will be joining other world class yoga teachers, artists and …

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Jul 10, 2018

Yoga Quiz: What’s the Best Meditation Practice for You?

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Meditation is a wonderful technique for calming the mind and connecting with the spirit, and the best part is that it’s accessible to everyone! But not everyone enjoys the same types of meditation. Some enjoy sitting still in complete silence, while others might find peace more readily by incorporating movement or chanting. Do you know which meditation practice is right for you? Let us help you find the optimal meditation …

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Jul 8, 2018

Can Meditation Make Us Less Angry?

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It can sometimes seem like the world is getting angrier. Whether it is Trumpian politics, keyboard warriors or the deluge of bad news we’re presented with on a daily basis, so much of our modern discourse seems to be fueled by animosity.

While anger is sometimes a valid and necessary response to injustice, and a driver of change, the majority of the time it fosters division and hampers our empathy. This raises an important question: are there ways we can lessen this often destructive and limiting emotion?

Anger in the Everyday

It’s in the larger themes of life – from politics to religion – that anger and annoyance are at their most obvious. Anger is deliberately fueled to entrench certain worldviews, stop people from discussing issues from a p… Read More

Jul 5, 2018

Watch: Learn to Harness Energy with Yoga Breathing in 60 Seconds

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Get inspired to practice more mindful yoga breathing, or pranayama, by taking just 60 seconds to watch this short and sweet yoga video by Miami-based yoga teacher Jennifer Pansa. In the video, Pansa discusses how we can elevate and cultivate our own prana (life-force energy) rather than endlessly searching externally for things to make us feel alive. The connection between you and your breath is powerful and can be honed and strengthened …

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Jul 5, 2018

Disappointment: How To Cope With It

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Life is not going to cease to offer me opportunities for disappointment, so I had better figure out how to cope with it. I think it’s useful to consider how disappointment happens; in fact, I think that understanding this internal process is essential to coping with the experience of being disappointed.

Disappointment is not just the result of external circumstances; it’s the result of how we view circumstances through the lens of our expectations and hopes. Interestingly, there is only one word in Spanish for both “expect” and “hope”.

When I suffer disappointment it is because my hopes have been dashed. I had an expectation that things would turn out differently and I was so invested in that ou… Read More

Jul 3, 2018

Interview with Yogi and Word-Lover Kat Heagberg

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Kat Heagberg is Editor in Chief at Yoga International and a yoga teacher since 2005. In her writing, Kat loves sharing ways to make challenging poses more accessible, illuminating the power of language in yoga culture, and offering encouragement and advice to new yoga teachers. Kat’s initial training was in alignment-based styles, but her favorite style to teach is vinyasa flow! In our interview with Kat, she shares her journey …

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Jun 29, 2018

The Roundup! International Yoga Day, Ego, and Pride

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How did you celebrate International Yoga Day this year? We hope you got to spend at least a few minutes getting grounded on your mat, just like the Indo-Tibetan Border Police and hundreds of yogis in Jerusalem did. In this month’s yoga news roundup, we’re sharing stories of yoga around the world, more proof that yoga breathing really does work, and some poses to complement your summer plans—rain or shine. This …

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Jun 28, 2018

Sharing Your Truth As A Teacher

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Finding ways of sharing your truth while leading yoga classes is an essential teaching skill. Students can feel the vibrancy of your teaching if you’re sharing from your heart. Sharing what you’re truly passionate about can truly transform your teaching.

So how can you tap into this art of sharing openly and honestly? Here are a few tips to bring these qualities into your classes.

1. Reflect on what you’re truly passionate about

Part of sharing your truth is being able to connect your students with what you love about yoga. Every teacher will be a little bit different! Our own experiences shape how we see the world and how we view a yoga practice. Some teachers might be more connected to mythol… Read More