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More People Are Doing Yoga To Survive In Trump’s America—Let Us Not Retreat

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While our national healthcare hangs in the balance, some people are taking wellness into their own hands—a lot of them out of sheer necessity, and for some, maybe even a little desperation? (Serenity NOW.) But it doesn’t go unwarranted. We are living in a brand new era, one the likes of which we have never […]… Read More

Even Runners Need Yoga

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I’ve spent A LOT of time running lately. Obviously “a lot” means different things to different people, but I’ve been running 40-45 miles a week for the last few months. My goal for 2018 is to run 1,700 miles, which requires a pretty consistent daily effort. I’ve tried to mix in some yoga and weight-training, but unfortunately I probably haven’t been doing enough regular non-running exercise to steer entirely clear of the injury bug. I really should know better!

Luckily I haven’t encountered any major afflictions, but a few small irritations–mainly with my feet–have reminded me that it’s not healthy if I can run 15 miles, yet can’t manage to walk normally from … Read More

5 Mood-Boosting Mantras to Get You Through Any Challenge

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You must live alone, at least internally, in a quiet place. – Bhagavad Gita

Have you ever caught yourself repeatedly reciting a word, phrase, or affirmation in your mind? Perhaps you’ve told yourself “you can do this,” over and over as you nervously walked into a job interview, or repeated that “everything will be OK,” even when it certainly didn’t feel that way. Though this may seem like a mindless coping method, it is actually considered by many religious and spiritual traditions as a means of harnessing and focusing the mind. In Sanskrit, such affirmations are known as mantras, or “tools of thought.” A mantra can be understood as any sound, word or phrase that alters consciousness through meaning, tone, rhythm, or physical vibration.

The Meaning of Mantras

In mode… Read More

7 Benefits of Online Yoga

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With the world shifting more and more into the digital realm, it was only a matter of time before yoga took the plunge also. Transporting an age-old practice into an online space may leave you wondering whether the authenticity and spirit is lost.  Yet yoga practitioners are eagerly swapping their yoga studio memberships for the digital version with glee. So, what’s so terrific about practicing online yoga at home? Well, plenty actually!

1. Your Time, Your Space

Without the need to arrive at a studio at any certain time, online yoga allows you to select the time of the day that suits you to practice. Whether you’re a morning bird or a night owl, the ability to roll out your mat at any given time offers a great amount of freedom and allows you to commit to your … Read More

5 Amazing Ways Yoga Fueled My Addiction Recovery

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By Andy Macia

“Yoga is not about touching your toes. It is what you learn on the way down.” -Jigar Gor

Maybe I’ll just have one more hit. Maybe one more drink; just one more. That was the thought that I repeated in my head over and over around nine years ago before I was thrown in jail on drug and alcohol-related charges. I hadn’t stooped any lower than that before so there I was, saluting the oh-so-well-known rock bottom.

Wind the clock back to when I was around nine years old at a typical Colombian family party. Being of Colombian descent, I was used to the usual soirees we’d have with our friends; people dancing and singing barbecues, and lots of liquor.

I didn’t know much about the drinking culture at the time, but I knew I wanted… Read More

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Five Reasons You Should Consider Introducing Your Kid To Yoga

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You’ve probably attended a yoga class. Practiced prenatal yoga while pregnant. Maybe you even took your baby to a “mommy & me” yoga session or two after your little one arrived. But then they got older and your yoga practice once again became a solo activity – if you even managed to squeeze it back into your […]… Read More