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Jun 19, 2018

The Best Yoga Tops and Bras of 2018

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With yoga’s popularity today, you’ll find there is a dizzying multitude of choices when it comes to yoga clothing. It’s great to have so much variety to choose from, but it can also be challenging to find the best yoga tops and bras to suit your personal yoga practice. As you begin your search for the perfect yoga top or bra, evaluate your needs for comfort, style, quality, and eco-friendliness. How …

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Jun 19, 2018

Finding Your Dharma Through Yoga Teacher Training | 300 HR YTT

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Have you ever had that moment of clarity – like a weight dropping effortlessly off your shoulders – when you become aware of your life’s calling? It’s that moment in space where time stands still, and everything you’ve been questioning threads together effortlessly. It’s been referred to as an “ah-ha! moment”, an epiphany, a revelation of thought, or possibly, something greater. Something that’s beyond us all. I call
it, “25 years later and now my life’s starting to make sense”.

I honestly threw my arms up and laughed, thinking how simple the answer was all along. “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!” I yelled to myself as I sat with the wav… Read More

Jun 15, 2018

Yoga Quiz: What Type of Yoga Student Are You?

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The myriad mental, spiritual, and physical benefits of yoga are what bring so many different types of people back to their mats time and time again. What about you? What brings you back to your yoga mat? Is it that peaceful, easy post-yoga feeling, the satisfying pool of sweat on your mat after a challenging practice, or something else entirely? This What Type of Yoga Student Are You? quiz will help you …

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Jun 15, 2018

Have You Witnessed the Strength in Being Vulnerable?

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When was the last time you used your vulnerability as your strength?

I cried while watching the Ted Talk “The Power of Vulnerability” by Brené Brown that Andrea shared with us during our 45hr Yin Yoga training in Hawaii. This topic reminded me of a time when I believed I was not allowed to be vulnerable and exposing any emotion would lead to the destruction of my survival. I listened as some of my peers shared their personal struggles with vulnerability, and I observed how we all supported one another without judgement.

I crawled into my bed feeling fully supported by my Yogacara family, and I started to reflect on my time spent around the AA/NA program as a child.

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Jun 13, 2018

5 Steps to Unleashing Joy, Opening Up, & Being More Yourself

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There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

How much of the time is the authentic YOU showing up in the world?

Do you have a different persona for your work, home life, friends, strangers, and the check-in person at the airport?

Stress, grief, past or current pain or trauma, illness, or anxiety can cause us to retreat inward.

Just like preparing a house to survive the impact of a hurricane, we can close the shutters, protect fragile points of entry, conserve resources, stock up on necessities, and retreat inside.

If you have found yourself hiding the real you from the world, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Unless you are age four or u… Read More

Jun 12, 2018

The Best Meditation Technique for Boosting Creativity

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Creativity is an elusive and highly idealized quality that often appears in fits and bursts. While we often recruit our creativity to help complete challenging projects or resolve problems in our lives, making time to be creative also provides powerful health benefits and improves our mental well-being. Creativity is also associated with better leadership, productivity, and problem-solving, which can enhance teamwork and employee satisfaction in the office. Unfortunately, most of …

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Is there any way I can reduce the pressure in my head during headstand?

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I have been asked the following question about inverted postures and headstand in particular. Here is my short general answer:

QUESTION: Is there any way I can reduce the pressure in my head during headstand?

MY ANSWER: Headstand is an advanced posture and should not be attempted by most people. It requires adequate neck and upper body strength, adaptation to tolerate increased blood pressure, as well as the ability to control blood flow.

It is written that a main purpose of headstand is to increase blood flow to the head with gravity. In a relaxed body the downward force of gravity is more powerful than the upward pressure force of the heart. So part of learning headstand involves adapting to having a greater amount of blood in the head. It takes time to adapt to pressure increases in the head but this can be assisted by practicing simple partially inverted postures such as the standing forward bend (uttanasana). However, inversions do not necessarily have to i… Read More

Back Pain during yoga. Can you suggest anything to help me?

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I have been asked the following question about back pain doing postures. Here is my short general answer:

QUESTION: I have difficulty breathing in when I drop back to a back arch (urdhva dhanurasana) from standing with my arms in the air (urdhva hastasana) as it aggravates my back pain. Can you suggest anything to help me?

MY ANSWER: It is common problem to confuse the muscles of trunk stability with the muscles of breathing. It sounds like that is what you are doing. When you ‘drop back’ to a back arch you need to be ‘firm but calm’ (sthira sukham asanam). Trunk firmness is best achieved in the upper trunk by compressing the chest by keeping the ribs inwards with the same muscles you use to make a forced exhalation from the chest. This action, in which the ribs are held close to the spine, is a type of compressive uddiyana bandha (chest lock).

However, when you using the muscles of chest exhalation to hold the trunk firm you cannot use the chest to inh… Read More


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In my experience, here is what I suggest people should work work towards in achieving optimal health.

Of course some of these things may seem odd to some people but this is a summary that is written with most people in mind and of course there are always special exceptions for certain people. As always, any changes in lifestyle (especially diet) should alway be gradual and you should always monitor your health and its responses along the way. Do not force anything.


Emphasise a diet of whole foods
Avoid processed foods
Emphasise fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet
Emphasise organic produce in your diet
Avoid deep fried foods and cooked oils in general
Emphasise raw or living food in your diet
Include fermented foods in your diet (e.g. make your own sauerkraut or kimchi)
Include super-foods in your diet (e.g. acai, raw cacao, bee pollen etc)
Remove or reduce animal products from your diet
Emphasise (but not obligatory) on vegan or vegetarian (subject to … Read More

Jun 7, 2018

Injury Recovery Through Yoga: Watch Koya Webb’s Heartfelt “Beyond The Mat” Video

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Celebrity yoga instructor and holistic health coach Koya Webb was a college track star on her way to compete in the Olympics when a life-altering injury abruptly shifted her focus towards yoga. The diagnosis wasn’t good—she had sustained a stress fracture in her back and was told her track career was over. Koya was encouraged to give yoga a try to aid in her recovery so she could return to …

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