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One of Simon’s most popular videos on YouTube

Although there are many benefits to learning how to use all the muscles of breathing, and to learn to breathe in many ways, in over breathing (hyperventilation) can have significant physiological disadvantages while breathing in a relaxed and natural way and approaching under-breathing (mild hypoventilation) has the most physiological benefits.
In this popular 6 minute video clip, which is an extract from the Yoga Synergy Yogic Nutrition Video physiotherapist and research scientist Simon Borg-Olivier explains the benefits of not over-breathing and actually allowing carbon dioxide to build up.

The less you breathe in and out the more you will build up carbon dioxide inside your body. Contrary to popular belief carbon dioxide and the carbonic acid it becomes in your blood has many benefits inside the body.

Carbon dioxide and carbonic acid build up inside you from breathing less than normal (mild hypoventil… Read More

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