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Everyone is welcome in our Vinyasa classes, from complete beginner to advanced students – the Yoga Synergy method caters for everyone. The Vinyasa class is our Level 1 class and the best one to start with for your first Yoga Synergy class.
In the Yoga Synergy method, each posture is taught with simple through to complex versions, enabling you to vary the intensity of your practice. We encourage you to practice responsively and to be in the present moment, choosing which version of the posture is appropriate to you on the day – this can change from day to day.

Emphasis is on balancing strength and flexibility, relaxation, correct breathing and flow, to increase your confidence and zap stress!

YS-Vinyasa class follows the Yoga Synergy progressive 9 week program. In this program we focus on one of the 5 Yoga Synergy sequences (Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether) designed by physiotherapists and experienced yoga practitioners Simon Borg Olivier & Bianca Mach… Read More

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