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Today I was asked ‘Has yoga lost its soul in the West?’ … Here is an answer I just wrote …

I think that most people teaching modern yoga have good intentions and some modern yoga does seem to help some people for some time. However, I don’t think that what is mostly being taught under the banner of yoga in the modern world today is not really yoga, but more a type of exercise system similar to the aerobics of the 1980’s.

Yoga means union and on a global level it is the recognition that every individual consciousness is related to every other individual consciousness in the same loving way that a mother naturally relates to a newborn baby, with selfless service and loving intent and the way a baby relates to that in terms of feeling safe and loved. If this was happening between all the conscious entities in the world today then I would say that the world is in yoga. But before this can happen on this world scale is must first be achieved … Read More

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