How Can I Be Happy?

May 3, 2018

How Can I Be Happy?

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We may not say it out loud but if we look at how we live our lives, we’ll likely see that the question that underscores everything we do, is: “How Can I Be Happy?” It is unfortunate but true that our education – both in school and the education we get from culture and media – offers us little by way of an answer to the question, “how can I be happy?”

If the question is answered at all, it is via implicit messages in advertising. Advertising’s covert message seduces us into thinking that happiness is a function of what we have: if only I can get that bag, that outfit, that car, that vacation, that job, that lifestyle, that relationship, then I will be happy. Whether it is material goods or status (societal status or relationship status), we are told from a young age that happiness is a function of what we have. The answer we hear to our question, “How can I be happy?” is, “You will be happy when you get these things.” So, the message is that happiness i… Read More

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