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Yoga is often used in addiction treatment because practicing mindfulness in recovery is a key part of the process. However, “yoga” is much more than the asanas or postures. Even though the poses are what most westerners think of when they hear “yoga,” yoga is actually a type of spiritual path that involves the entire body. Delve into the spiritual side of yoga, and you’ll discover the eight limbs of yoga originally outlined in the book The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. These limbs provide guidance on how to live a life of purpose. For those with a background in Christianity, it’s somewhat akin to the ten commandments. However, you don’t need to follow any particular faith to abide by and thrive from the eight limbs. The ultimate goal of yoga is to connect with the Self (capital S) which might also be known as “atman” or the “divine essence.” How can the eight limbs help with addiction recovery?

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