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I have been asked the following question about inverted postures and headstand in particular. Here is my short general answer:

QUESTION: Is there any way I can reduce the pressure in my head during headstand?

MY ANSWER: Headstand is an advanced posture and should not be attempted by most people. It requires adequate neck and upper body strength, adaptation to tolerate increased blood pressure, as well as the ability to control blood flow.

It is written that a main purpose of headstand is to increase blood flow to the head with gravity. In a relaxed body the downward force of gravity is more powerful than the upward pressure force of the heart. So part of learning headstand involves adapting to having a greater amount of blood in the head. It takes time to adapt to pressure increases in the head but this can be assisted by practicing simple partially inverted postures such as the standing forward bend (uttanasana). However, inversions do not necessarily have to i… Read More

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