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Hi Yogis,

Please join me in a FREE online gathering this April 7-11: The Yoga & Wisdom of Nature Summit, by Hanuman Academy.

I am honoured to be one of 25 master yoga teachers, consciousness leaders and wisdom keepers chosen to discuss natural intelligence — how yoga at its roots is designed to connect us to our essential, natural Selves, and how reconnecting to this nature-based wisdom is vital to heal and whole not only us personally, but our world.

My Talk is called, “Normal People Living an Unnatural Life” and I share how the norm for modern humans is physiologically unnatural, and why hatha yoga must be adapted to support us in returning to our natural state.

Please join me, along with H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswati, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Trevor Hall, Ana Forrest, Saul David Raye, Janet Stone and so many other inspiring leaders in the field of yoga and awakening consciousness to learn tools, tips and yogic wisdom to heal dis-ease … Read More

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