How to Stretch at Your Desk: Yoga while you work

Five Reasons You Should Consider Introducing Your Kid To Yoga

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You’ve probably attended a yoga class. Practiced prenatal yoga while pregnant. Maybe you even took your baby to a “mommy & me” yoga session or two after your little one arrived. But then they got older and your yoga practice once again became a solo activity – if you even managed to squeeze it back into your […]… Read More

Book Review: Donna Farhi, Pathways To A Centered Body

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What an accomplishment! Clearly written and beautifully illustrated, Pathways to a Centered Body is must read for yoga students and teachers seeking the understand the body’s most mysterious muscle, the psoas. With clarity, gentleness and thoroughness, Donna Farhi and Leila Stark illuminate the psoas muscle’s central role in core stability, breathing, and functional movement. Farhi […]… Read More

Apr 21, 2018

Is Information Overload Making it Harder to be Happy?

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Dissatisfaction, discontentment, and out-and-out unhappiness are a surprisingly ubiquitous feature of modern life. Mental health issues are a growing public health concern, rates of stress, anxiety and depression are rising sharply among the UK’s teenage girls and the United States has become 5% unhappier over the past 10 years.

All this comes despite the fact that, objectively speaking, modern humans in wealthy countries are probably some of the luckiest people that have ever lived. There are also myriad self-help books, wellness gurus, and “Five Ways to Find Happiness” listicles crowding our cultural landscape. So why do we find it so hard to find a solution to our unhappiness, and is information overload part of the problem?

Finding the Cause

There are many theo… Read More

Love-hate relationship with wheel? A physiotherapist explores one reason deep yoga backbends may not work for some bodies.  

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Managing a love-hate relationship with wheel pose Wheel was always one of the poses that came easily to me in yoga. Despite my internally rotated hips limiting me in hip openers, I could do wheel and I could go as high as I wanted. However, as my yoga practice progressed through the years, I began […]… Read More

Apr 21, 2018

5 Ways To Manage Stress

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By Andy Macia

“I will breathe
I will think of solutions
I will not let my worry control me
I will not let my stress level break me
I will simply breathe and it will be okay because I don’t quit”

– Shayne McClendon

Managing stress has been a bit harder for me. I was an alcohol addict for many, many years, so for quite some time, stress meant reaching out for a bottle to drown my sorrows; my addicted self just did not care for absolutely anything else in my life. If I had any other issues, they would be taken care of by the next drink.

And just to be clear, a bottle or a drink is most surely not a healthy stress management tip. And you don’t even need to be a professional to figure it out.

Nevertheless, after… Read More

The Science Behind How Yoga Reduces Stress

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Many people have heard that yoga reduces stress, but there’s real science behind it. Of course, any time you increase the heart rate (like with a few chaturangas), your body releases endorphins, which is the driving force behind that famed “runner’s high and a natural stress reducer. However, yoga taps into stress relief on a […]… Read More