Salad Crackers! Learn about Nutrition

May 14, 2018

Salad Crackers! Learn about Nutrition

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I eat what ever I like whenever I like, However much I want.

But because of how I regulate my posture, movement and breathing, my main food and all I really like to eat is fruit, salad and vegetables.

I don’t usually dehydrate my salad but these photos show what I did once. I took as much salad as I eat in one big salad meal (top photo), pretty much my main and only food I eat most days, and dehydrated it for 2 days at 37 degrees celsius. After two days of the removing the water the amount of salad left (bottom photo) was the same size as about one piece of bread (notice the sizes of the same blue reference cup in both photos). One great thing is that, of the solid portion of the salad (all that was left after 2 days dehydration), about 3-8% is fat, with a significant level of healthy and fresh omega 3 fatty acids, which is an excellent brain food. Additionally, at least 90% of the solid portion of the salad is healthy fibre, which is great for the bowel… Read More


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