Santosha For An Abundant Yogi At Yoga Teacher Training

May 9, 2018

Santosha For An Abundant Yogi At Yoga Teacher Training

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When I signed up for yoga teacher training with Yogacara my first feeling was excitement, but it was immediately followed by sheer panic. All of the usual self-doubt I’ve carefully cultivated as an abundant yogi started to spring up, prompting internal questions about my fitness for the goal I’d set for myself. Would I be the fattest yogi there? Can I handle the pace? Will I DIE?

The anxiety built like a forest fire over the months until the training began. I’d have trouble getting to sleep, thinking about all the possible ways I was going to fail. Finally, I emailed one of my teacher heroes Dianne Bondy. I first heard the term “abundant yogi” from her and her online presence on In… Read More


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