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In my experience, here is what I suggest people should work work towards in achieving optimal health.

Of course some of these things may seem odd to some people but this is a summary that is written with most people in mind and of course there are always special exceptions for certain people. As always, any changes in lifestyle (especially diet) should alway be gradual and you should always monitor your health and its responses along the way. Do not force anything.


Emphasise a diet of whole foods
Avoid processed foods
Emphasise fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet
Emphasise organic produce in your diet
Avoid deep fried foods and cooked oils in general
Emphasise raw or living food in your diet
Include fermented foods in your diet (e.g. make your own sauerkraut or kimchi)
Include super-foods in your diet (e.g. acai, raw cacao, bee pollen etc)
Remove or reduce animal products from your diet
Emphasise (but not obligatory) on vegan or vegetarian (subject to … Read More

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