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“Yoga sutras”, translated from the Sanskrit, means “threads of union”. This ancient text is a guide to the overlapping intricacies of the universe, showing us that all is connected, all is one. It’s meant to give us hope and understanding.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali have inspired yogis for ages. It inspired me to look at myself and my perception of experience. The state of Earth, right now, is chaotic ~ or it feels that way. There’s a lot of change going on, a lot of shifting. It’s hard remember that this is all part of what is supposed to be happening right now. The sutras, especially when mindfully examined, remind us why yoga works so well.

We live in confusion, distracted and depressed. Although many religions promise happiness and enlightenment, we still have many religious people struggling with contentment. That’s because most religion isn’t created to serve its devotees, it’s created to give to those who created it.

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