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Simple Pathways

Find any comfortable posture.
Systematically expand and lengthen your body in all directions while staying totally relaxed and comfortable. Focus on doing this for a count of six.
Systematically relax your body while staying comfortably expanded and lengthened in all directions. Focus on doing this for a count of six.

This technique done appropriately can help you rid of any musculoskeletal pain and give you a peaceful energy top up as well.
This is the simplest version of this method. It can be done in any static posture but can also be done during movement. It can be done with or without specialised breath-control. I can show this technique in its fuller forms in my workshops and trainings.

I am on my way to teach in Germany from 21 July to 6 August (Hannover, Berlin, Hamburg and Dusseldorf), then I will be teaching in Tuscany, Italy from 7-9 August, YogaRise Peckham London from 10-12, then Barcelona from 14-26 August. Then going back to teach intensively in Au… Read More

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