What Are Your Daily Self-Love Rituals?

Jul 13, 2018

What Are Your Daily Self-Love Rituals?

sourced from: https://www.yogateachertrainingyogacara.com/what-are-your-daily-self-love-rituals/

There are so many ways to honour ourselves, physically, mentally and emotionally, as we navigate our way through daily life. There are habits that we already do, automatically, that fill us up and fuel our endeavours. Are you aware of what yours are?

Are you aware of that big breath out when you take the first sip of your favourite tea in your favourite mug or that moment of contentment when you finish “THAT” task – or that sense of surrender when you slip inside your fresh bed sheets.

There are many moments in our day that knowingly or unknowingly are our practice of self-love. It is the way we stay balanced.

Make A List: 
If you feel depleted at this time I encourage you to write a list of things that fill you up in your day (this is your self-love column) and a list of the ways you give your energy out (this is your warrior column). If the lists are hugely out of balance then you can start to integrate more where needed (I’m guessing it wil… Read More

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