What to Expect From Your First Yoga Class

Are you excited about getting started with yoga, but unsure about what to expect? If so, you are definitely not alone. Most yoga beginners approach their first class with equal parts anticipation and fear over getting it right.

What clothes should I wear? Will there be chanting and incense? And I going to look like a newbie and stick out like a sore thumb? What if I do something wrong? These are all sensible questions that you may be having if you’re a beginner to this ancient spiritual practice.

Beginners should probably invest in an inexpensive 1/8″ thick yoga mat. There is no need to drop a lot of coin on expensive yoga clothes to begin with either.

Aim for form-fitting clothes that stretch and move with you. Just get started, talk to your instructor and veteran yoga lovers for tips along the way, and adjust accordingly.

Arrive at class at least 10 to 20 minutes early. This gives you some time to speak with your instructor, and let her know that this is your first class. To keep from looking like a total newbie, remove your shoes and socks before you enter your classroom.

One big beginner mistake is holding your breath during your poses. You relax better when you breathe deeply, and this also helps get the best out of each yoga asana you perform.

Before attending your first class, practice the basic poses at home. You can purchase yoga DVDs conveniently online at sites like Amazon, and video sharing sites like YouTube offer plenty of free instruction.

At the end of class you have another chance to look like a yoga veteran. Your instructor will bow her head, bring her hands together in front of her and exclaim “Namaste” (pronounced nah-mas-tay). This is a Sanskrit word meaning “I honor you”. Repeat it back to your instructor, and no one will know this is your first yoga class.

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