Yoga Considerations for Your Body

ashtanga yogaMany people practice yoga after work. They schedule sessions on the weekend during the day. If you have to squeeze some yoga into a busy modern day schedule, slip it in wherever you can. The mental and physical benefits of yoga are well-known, so any time you can enjoy this ancient Far East spiritual practice is the “right time” for you.

However, if at all possible, you should try practicing yoga in the morning. This is best for your body before you have eaten your morning meal. Your body is well rested and flexible, and after a few morning sessions this will quickly become your favorite yoga time of the day.

You should also consider waiting at least 2 hours after eating before performing yoga. Your body needs time to digest your food properly. Additionally, you can drink a small glass of warm water a few minutes before your yoga practice. This has a settling experience for your stomach.

Perform yoga in your bare feet when you can. You should also wear clothing that exposes as much of your skin as possible. This allows your skin to breathe properly, and to sweat away toxins and waste.

Your body will benefit the most from any yoga practice when you pay strict attention to form. Each of the yoga asanas are very specific for a reason. When your poses are perfect, your breathing correct and your mind in the right place, you receive the complete spiritual, physical and mental benefits of yoga.

Yoga Considerations for Your Mind

yoga and meditationYour yoga instructor may tell you that your breathing is perfect. She may praise you for your form. Those 2 aspects of yoga are extremely important. However, an argument can be made that the mental approach to yoga is the most crucial for delivering physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

Did you know that one of the biggest causes of injury while performing yoga is a bloated ego? This is not a competition. You are not battling the person beside you to see who can hold a particular form the longest. Concern yourself with your experience, nobody else’s.

Try focusing your attention on breathing properly. This minimizes outside distractions, and lets you focus your mind. Adding a few meditation sessions to your weekly yoga practice is a good way to calm your mind and reach the correct state of consciousness.

The human mind craves order. This means when you practice yoga at the same time of day, on the same days each week, your mind prepares you before you even begin a yoga session.

You should also consider joining a public class if you are having a problem staying motivated at home. People love to be a part of a community. When you practice yoga with others just like yourself, it is easier to keep your mind in the game, and benefit from a group consciousness that is all working towards the same goals.

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